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Divine Journey

Coaching Program

Bright Clouds

 All true change happens at the subconscious level and we will solve the problem at the subconscious level.

Are you ready to experience life changing transformation and start your

Healing Journey

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You are meant to evolve and grow in this lifetime.


You are here to embody your highest self and be on our highest timeline.


We all have a unique journey that has unfolded in our lives which can lead us down a undesired path.

In this program we will be bridging the gap from darkness to light, pain to freedom, to the cosmos to your soul.

This 3 month 1:1 coaching container will help you on your healing journey back to your soul.

What's Included

Divine Journey Coaching is an intimate container tailored to you. I created this container because when I was new on my healing journey, I had no guidance whatsoever. I slowly had to figure it out on my own. I want to provide a container where I can bring ease to your life by guiding you throughout one of the hardest parts of life, healing.


 I will be alongside you through it all. What's on the other side of this journey you will be rewiring your subconscious mind, profound transformation and healing the depths of your pain or trauma. 

This program is healing all parts of your life in spirituality, energy, mindset and embodiment so you can become your highest self that you always dreamed of.

But...... in order to heal you must got through the darkness to come back to the light which is true alchemy.

This is a healing journey so we will go into the depths of your shadows, limiting beliefs, and fears so we can transmute it back into light and a true resonance with your soul.

  • Bi-weekly) live calls

  • Voxer support- voice memos/texts

  • Techniques for reprograming your subconscious mind

  • 3 Reiki Sessions and energetic clearings

  • 1 Akashic Records Reading

  • Hypnosis

  • Guided Meditations

  • Card Readings

  • Journal prompts, accountability and take home exercises

Is Divine Journey right for you?

This program is not for anybody. It is for the woman who is truly ready to commit to transformational change in their life.


Divine Journey is for the woman who is feeling:


  • Something is preventing you from moving forward, you feel stuck in life.

  • Your fear has you stabilized in all areas of your life.

  • You are stuck in a loop and don't know the way out.

  • You have limited beliefs and decisions that are keeping you small.

  • You self sabotage yourself because you believe you deserve it.

  • You control your own destiny with harmful or toxic behavior. 

  • You don't trust your intuition.

  • You don't feel safe in your body and disassociate from it when triggered or stressed out.

  • Not worthy of love..

  • Not good enough for a dream job..

  • Stuck in life or in a pattern you can't break..

  • Lost and don't have any direction..

  • Broken and don't know how to move forward..







Gone are the days of you repeating cycles or patterns that cause you more harm.

Imagine you can have this..
Screenshot 2023-08-28 173628.png

With the transformative release you will go through, you are able to step into your highest potential and become that person you always knew you could be. These Include:

Feeling GOOD Enough and Worthy of EVERYTHING

Facing your darkness (trauma) and alchemizing into light (love).

∴ Finally breaking the patterns by reprograming your subconscious mind.

∴ Fully expressing your authentic truth.

∴ Trusting your intuition fully and never wavering in it.

∴ Freedom from your own story or pain.

The Divine Journey is a totally unique program that will transform your entire being from the inside out.

In this container I will be sharing multiple healing modalities I have been certified in, my own wisdom and my gifts. These are tools that I have used on my own healing journey that have led me to who I am today.


These include:

∴ Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

∴ Hypnotherapy

∴ Quantum Timeline Therapy

∴ Reiki Energy Healing & Light Language

∴ Life Coaching

∴ Guided Meditations

∴ Akashic Records

"When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

"Working with Karissa has changed my life in the most amazing ways! Her capability to hold space and empathy is her superpower. We worked through my limiting beliefs and have seen the shift in my life and now I'm able to see more possibilities and take action because of Karissa. I feel super blessed to have her help me in my healing journey and know many more will be blessed by her wisdom."

Christine, TX

The Investment

I have two options on how you can invest in this program. You can pay in full and as a bonus I will throw in a extra Akashic Records reading for you.


The second option if it's more convenient for you, is paying three payments every month.

  • Divine Journey

    One time payment
  • Divine Journey

    Every month
    3 payments

Still have questions, let's chat to see if you Divine Journey is aligned for you.

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