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About Me

Hi I'm Karissa!

Healing Journey Coach, NLP Practitioner, Quantum Timeline Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Reader of the Akashic Records

"The universe will bring us to our divine path with the perfect divine timing"


Reiki healing came to me at a perfect divine time in my life when I needed it. I

had endured years of trials and tribulations during my own journey

before I found the divine healing light within and now, I want to share that healing with others.

Like many others, my coping mechanism was suppressing my problems and

emotions deep inside, always putting a smile on my face and continuing to

submerge myself into a toxic lifestyle.  I created a new character that was not my authentic self. I was ashamed of myself, so I ran far away so I didn’t have to deal with the pain and discomfort that was my life and feelings. It was that cycle of not dealing with my problems directly that would force me to repeat these toxic traits over and over again. Putting me in bad situations, relationships, friendships, causing even more pain and trauma over the years.


The result of not addressing the root problems I was facing was causing stagnation in

other areas of my life: my health, job, relationships and friendships. I was just coasting through and not living my life to its fullest potential. My self-worth was at an all-time low and I felt broken. I would experience flashbacks of trauma that haunted me, and resort back to self-sabotaging every chance I could to numb the pain. I had walls up so no one could even get to know the real Karissa, because really, I had no idea who I truly was either. This was no way to live, and I needed to break the cycle once and for all. I needed to break free from my own prison of the mind once and for all and connect back to my soul.


My spiritual awakening happened for me around 2018 when I lost my two Grandpas in the same year. I was grieving and trying to understand what is life? When the pandemic hit, is when the real work happened where I truly got to know my soul and my truth. I was forced to wake up and connect to Universe, Source and GOD. Through deep meditation every day, journaling, self-reflecting, and therapy I was able to open many doors of my subconscious and really connect with my authentic self. Being attuned with the universal life energy of Reiki, I was able to heal my mind, body and soul. It has truly changed my outlook on life and gave me the tools to confront my triggers, trauma and shadow head on. Reiki kick started some deep healing with my inner child, my grief, my trauma and so much more. Reiki has become an essential part of my life and I’m extremely grateful for this healing modality. By connecting back to my soul, I have realized my purpose is to share my story so I can help others on their healing journey too. I’m very passionate about helping others and now I finally found a way to do just that.


Healing is not linear - you will always be healing. Reiki, was my sign from the

Universe that I can use my experiences to help others heal from their pain,

trauma or other ailments, so that they too can become their highest and best self. I will hold a sacred space for you for your healing journey.

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